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A History of Old Tioga Point and Early Athens

A History of Old Tioga Point and Early Athens

Author: Louise Wells Murray
(1908 reprint 2003). Old Tioga Point is a peninsula formed by the Susquehannah and Tioga Rivers, located in Athens Township, Bradford County. Athens Township is bound by the state of New York, east by Litchfield Township, south by Orwell, Wyalussing, Sheshequin, Ulster and Smithfield Townships. The birthplace of the author, she aimed to take an impartial stand in the many vexed questions of early days, presenting both sides whenever possible, and leaving the reader to judge for himself.

Many important documents supposed to have been destroyed at the Wyoming Massacre, or by overzealous Connecticut and Pennsylvania pioneers, came to light making this record possible. Zephon F. Walker provided maps, titles, etc. that could have been accomplished by no other person. Masses of material were revealed to her and the writing team by many sources.

This book is in no sense biographical, although great pains were taken to make family records accurate. The compilers used interviews and written reminiscences to aid them to this end, not to mention a lengthy bibliography of various sources. An excellent book for reading and understanding local history, it is also a wealth of information for the genealogical researcher. It is divided into four parts plus appendices. Part 1 addresses the history of Tioga Point before the settlement by whites. Part 2: The Connecticut Claim, Part III: The Pennsylvania Claim, and Part IV: General History. The appendices include court cases, lists of taxables in Tioga Township (1796 and 1808), and a list of Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in this locality. It also includes a new every name index compiled by Closson Press.

2003, 6" X 9", Hardbound, 698 pages
ISBN 1558563903

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