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Abstracts from The Diary of the Rev. John Cuthbertson

Abstracts from The Diary of the Rev. John Cuthbertson Author: Paul K. Heckethorn

1751-1790…covering the counties of Adams, Chester, Cumberland, Franklin, Washington and York Counties, Pennsylvania. The Reformed Presbyterian Church came to America because of persecution in Ireland. Some moved to Scotland that later became the center of their movement. Rev. Cuthbertson was born in Scotland where he was ordained. He began his preaching ministry, ministering to the churches in Scotland. Later the Reverend was sent to the societies in America, landing at New Castle, Delaware on August 5, 1751. Beginning almost from the time he landed, he began ministering to the people.

This pamphlet contains the genealogical excerpts of his diary. Every name listed in the diary is listed in this book. Parishioners are listed alphabetically naming all sons, daughters or martial partners. When possible, important geographical or possible genealogical notes giving description or notes from the diary were included. It also includes baptisms and marriages. No cross-reference index.

2002, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 32 pages
ISBN 1558563865

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