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Abstracts of Lancaster County, PA Deed Records, Vol. 1

Abstracts of Lancaster County, PA Deed Records, Vol. 1

Author: Edward N. Wevodau
This record includes Books N-Q including areas now comprising Dauphin and Lebanon Counties, 1770-1789. While church and probate records steal the headlines in genealogical circles, the more earthly deed records have equal significance. An experienced genealogist rejoices with the discovery that his ancestors owned property.

Much can be gleaned about its residents by studying land records. Valuable information can be found in deeds: occupation and place of residence, name of spouse at a given point in time, marriages, parent-child relationships, references to other court records, often with cited locations, lists of heirs, family migrations, and arrival/departure in and from a particular area.

Abstracts in this book include information that would help a researcher identify a familial connection. Once a person identifies a possible match they can then order the full text of the deed for additional information. Keep in mind that the boundaries of Lancaster County have changed significantly since the county’s formation in 1729. The following counties, with their date of incorporation, were originally a part of Lancaster: York County, 1749, Cumberland County, 1750, Dauphin County, 1785, and Lebanon County (taken out of Dauphin County), 1813. Index.

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