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Bedford County - The 19th Century and Before

Bedford County - The 19th Century and Before

Compiler: Retrospect Publishing
This collection of books on CD will help you learn about the people who settled Bedford County during the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.

These two county histories have extensive lists of soldiers, along with biographies of prominent citizens and early pioneers. The 1900 Directory provides a snap shot of the institutions and people at the turn of the century. The Bedford Annals provide a chrononological account of the events of the area from 1750 to 1850. These records are a must for anyone researching in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. This CD contains images of the original pages along with a full text search capability for the following books:

  • History of Bedford and Somerset Counties, Volume 1 (E. Howard Blackburn; Lewis Publishing Co., New York; 1906
  • History of Bedford, Somerset, and Fulton Counties - Bedford Section only (Waterman, Watkins & Co., Chicago, 1884
  • Directory of Bedford County, 1900 (D.S. Ling and E.H. Blackburn; Inquirer Printing Co., Bedford; 1900)
  • The Annals of Bedford County, PA (William P. Schell; Gazette Publishing Co., Bedford, 1907)
  • List of Deserters and Non-Reported Drafted Men of the16th Congressional District of PA, 1863-1864 (Various; Franklin Depository, Chambersburg; 1865)

System Requirements: CD-ROM drive; Windows Operating System. Not compatible with network software.

Note: Only those sections pertaining to Bedford County from the 1884 and 1906 County Histories have been included on this CD. The complete county histories are sold separately on either South Central - History of Bedford and Somerset Counties (CD-R-S031) or South Central - Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, 1884 (CD-R-S032).

2005, 1,371 pages, CD


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