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Capt. Edmond Du Chastel & The Colonial Casteels - An American History

Capt. Edmond Du Chastel & The Colonial Casteels - An American History Authors: Marjorie O. Casteel and Cousins

The story of Captain Edmond du Chastel who arrived in the American Colonies in 1692, the year the great earthquake sank Port Royal, Jamaica into the Caribbean. But we know not, for certain, from where he came. He soon made his way into Philadelphia society and married the stepdaughter of the future mayor. He once chatted casually with Admiral Château-Renault, aboard the flagship of the greatest treasure fleet ever assembled, just months before its untold wealth sank to the bottom of Vigo Bay. He was known, on a first name basis, to James Logan and William Penn and was granted a commission as a privateer, with letters of marque, during the War of Spanish Succession.

For the last century, Captain Edmond du Chastel, who was born approximately 1670 presumably in Flanders which now is part of Belgium, is believed to have been a Huguenot nobleman, a member of the du Chastel de Blangerval family, who swore his allegiance to William Penn. Yet, not one document has been found with the du Chastel spelling. He was publically accused of piracy, but was granted a commission as a privateer, by Queen Anne. At present, he appears to be the progenitor of the majority, but not all, of the Casteel descendents in the United States.

This is the history, submitted as accurately as is currently known, for Edmond du Chastel. We include both the myths and the facts, in an attempt to trace the life of this mysterious ancestor, who suddenly appeared in Philadelphia. First, we look at the history of the du Chastel de Blangerval family in Flanders, and at the circumstances under which many Huguenots came to America. Finally, we present a fresh look at his life, his home, his family, and his descendents — the proven lines, and those who are likely related, but for whom the paper trail ends abruptly.

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