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Civil War - The Pennsylvania Reserve Corps

Civil War - The Pennsylvania Reserve Corps Compiler: Retrospect Publishing
The PA Reserve Corps consisted of 13 infantry regiments. one cavalry regiment and one artillery regiment. Wherever the Army of the Potomac marched and fought, the Corps was present. Sypher’s History provides a complete record of the 13 infantry regiments of the Corps, containing the names of all the officers and privates, their service and promotions.

This CD contains images of the original pages along with a full text search capability for the following books:

  • History of the PA Reserve Corps (J.R. Sypher; Esq, Elias Barr & Co., Lancaster, PA; 1865)
  • Messages of Gov. Andrew G. Curtin to The Reserve Corps (Andrew G. Curtin;1863)
  • Address of the Organization of the PA Reserve Corps Association (Gen. Wm. McCandless; West Reserve Historical Society; 1915)
  • Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps, “Round-up” (William H. Rauch; Electric Printing Co.; Philadelphia; 1903)
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