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Clarion County, PA Cemeteries

Clarion County, PA Cemeteries Compilers: Dave and Janet Tice

Visiting cemeteries where ancestors were laid to rest is often a part of family vacations for family researchers. They take pictures, maybe take a video of the area, or just stand quietly above the grave, perhaps envisioning ancestors and friends standing in the same spot years prior. It’s not uncommon to feel the presence of your past.

As a part of your preparation for this event, whenever possible, finding a published set of cemetery inscriptions before your trip can be extremely helpful. If you can find an inscription for some of your relatives you can be assured you know who is buried there and maybe find it easier to find them.

This book can be an immense help to anyone searching cemeteries in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. Most of the cemeteries enumerated are south of the Clarion River although Dave and Janet also covered a few to the north. It does not cover all Clarion County cemeteries and designated cemeteries are not complete because their size overwhelmed the couple’s stamina, but it is still a great asset for the Clarion County researcher.

In some cemeteries grave depressions are visible but there are no stones. At one cemetery the Tices found tombstones thrown in the woods. The old cemeteries have some stones flat on the ground. They included this in the notes area of the book because these stones often disappear.

Dave and Janet Tice have made every effort to make these 69 cemetery records (7 incomplete) as helpful and accurate as possible. These records may be the only records available for these cemeteries.

The book includes over 27,450 inscriptions including name of deceased, birth and death dates, cemetery of burial, and other relationships as available for each stone.

2013, 8.5x11, Softbound, 549 pages
ISBN 9781558565760

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