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DUNBAR TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL, Volume 4 - Index of Graduates & Time Line of Events

DUNBAR TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL, Volume 4 - Index of Graduates & Time Line of Events Author: Bob Cole

Volume 4 of a 4-volume history of Dunbar Township High School written by a DTHS graduate, this book is part of a series that covers the story of DTHS from the roots of its origins to its closing in 1966 and an index of the over 5490 graduates. Those graduates and the nearly equal number of attendees that did not receive a diploma are included in the story of the school.

The final volume of this set provides an Index of those who graduated from Dunbar Township High School. The alphabetical listing shows the year in which each person graduated. To learn more about a graduate refer to the Volume covering the appropriate years. Remember a graduate was probably active in the four years prior to graduation.

The Time Line of Events provides an overall picture of the history of Dunbar Township. There are no doubt events the reader may consider important that are not included. For that the author apologizes. There is room for the inclusion of information the reader would wish to add.

The story is based upon information provided in newspapers and other publications of the time. The result is how the outside world viewed the High School and what it accomplished in the 61 years it was in existence. 
A five year labor of love, what began as a memorial to the success of a bygone institution produced unexpected but significant information. Within the story of the high school is a record of how education evolved over the first half of the 20th century. That record also shows how the township and local area passed through good and bad times. As part of the story one can see how the economy of Dunbar Township and Fayette County changed over those same years. Included are advertisements from local newspapers that describe life at the time.

All these subjects provide lessons of history that may well offer wisdom for the future.

Volumes can be purchased individually or as a 4-volume set (Best Buy – SEARCH CP-636).

2012, 8.5 x 11, Softbound, pages 1-71
ISBN 9781558565616

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