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Early Landowners of PA: Land Tracts Transferred from VA to PA

Early Landowners of PA: Land Tracts Transferred from VA to PA Author: Sharon Cook MacInnes, Ph.D.
(Jurisdiction 1779-1780 - Second Edition) Were your early PA settlers on the frontier before the boundary between Pennsylvania and Virginia was settled?

This book is an updated transcription of an original notebook which documents the chronological transfer of land tracts after the Mason-Dixon Line settled the boundary dispute between Virginia and Pennsylvania. At that time, Pennsylvania took over all of the land that had been sold by Virginia to settlers, and surveyors recorded these transfers in this notebook. The tracts are in what are the counties of Washington, Fayette, Greene, Allegheny, and part of Beaver today. This transcription was made from the original notebook at the Pennsylvania Archives in Harrisburg. An earlier transcription was published in the Third Series of Pennsylvania Archives (Vol. III, pp. 483-573) in 1894 under the tutelage of William Egle.
< BR /> Unfortunately, there are some problems with the transcription printed in Pennsylvania Archives: some of the entries listed in the original notebook were omitted; many of the names were not transcribed exactly; and there is no alphabetical index in the 1894 printing. Another omission is that hundreds of annotations have been added in the margins of the notebook in the 110 years since the transcription was originally published.

The present volume is a long-needed revision of the 1894 edition by Egle, complete with the following changes: all missing entries have been added; all names have been transcribed exactly as entered in the notebook; all of the marginal annotations have been included; and an every name index has been incorporated. Additionally, every effort has been made to identify the location of the tracts which have no entry in the Where Situate column. Maps have been added of the waterways to show the approximate location of the tracts.

This book is divided into two sections: (1) Tracts by geographical location and (2) Transfer of tracts in chronological order. Some of the information has been rearranged for clarity purposes for this edition. Index.

2007, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 289 pages
ISBN 9781558564237

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