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Elizabeth and Her Neighbors

Elizabeth and Her Neighbors

Author: Richard T. Wiley
The author, born shortly after the passing of the Appalachian frontier, was an expert on the folklore of Western Pennsylvania and has also written books including Sim Greene, a story of the Whiskey Rebellion and Monongahela, The River and Its Region. This particular reprint is about his cherished hometown neighborhood of Elizabeth. It is based on actual experiences and observation as well as historical research.

The story of Elizabeth is told consecutively by periods and developments. The earliest part deals primarily with the region, introducing the founding and building of the town, which is the chief theme of the history, however, the neighborhood continues to play a part all through the book.

Part One is set up chronologically by chapters and is a potpourri of factual history. Part Two is filled with interesting stories about early families, banking history, education, and everything else that was important in the forming of Elizabeth. This reprint can be compared to a county history. New every page surname index for easy reference.

1998, 6" X 9", Hardbound, 386 pages
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