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First Warrantees of Carbon County, PA - Franklin Township

First Warrantees of Carbon County, PA - Franklin Township Compiler: Marie A. Robinson

Marie Robinson has been researching genealogy for 35 years. Her mapping started as an aid to her personal genealogy research and became a 12-year project. The fruition of that project is NOW a second book.

In 1907 the Land Office of Pennsylvania initiated a warrant tract mapping program, which is still an ongoing program. Northampton and Carbon are counties that have not been mapped. The author has taken the many steps for the reader interested in seeing where an ancestor’s tract was located.

Franklin Township was originally a part of old Towamensing Township, old Northampton County, now Carbon County, which was erected in 1843. Marie mapped the surveys, noting in the book all names associated with the property, including the adjoiners, up to and including the patentee of the tract. All facts are cited so the reader can obtain copies from the Pennsylvania Archives either online or by mail.

The sources researched and cited are book and page numbers of the surveys, the warrants, and the patents for Franklin Township. Although not specifically looked for, preceding and subsequent surveys of a tract are noted if found. The index contains the names of the owners as well as all adjoiners of the tracts, the tract names, the surveyors, and the surveyor generals. 

The names are spelled as they appear on the documents and were not changed to match today’s spelling. 

An 11x17 colored map showing the location of the original tracts surveyed comes with the book.

2012, 8.5x11, Softbound, 135 pages
ISBN 9781558565678

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