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Genealogical Excerpts for Western Pennsylvania

Genealogical Excerpts for Western Pennsylvania Author: Paul K. Heckethorn
…from Zadok Cramer’s Pittsburgh Magazine & Almanack. This book is based on the Almanack published from 1804-1832. Paul has excerpted information of genealogical value. The Almanak included pithy writings, hearings of the various courts (local, state, supreme), steamship schedules, agricultural news, various sermons, recipes, homeopathic cures, news from various national newspapers, marriages and deaths in Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, etc. Early marriages listed in the Almanack may have been between Pittsburghers, but later, when Pittsburgh became a manufacturing hub, people went there to be married by a clergyman and it did not mean they were of a particular denomination. Index.

2006, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 44 pages
ISBN 9781558564695

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