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History of No. 7 School

History of No. 7 School Author: Joseph A. McCurdy
This booklet is a history of the No. 7 school, Derry Township, Westmoreland County. and was read by the author at a reunion held August 11, 1891. It gives emphasis to the early years of the school and includes lots of names.

Index includes: Bair, Barnett, Bevers, Blair, Bossart, Bridenthall, Bridge, Burgoon, Campbell, Case, Cochran, Connor, Coulter, Craig, Culbertson, Cunning, Davidson, Dennison, Dimond, Donnelly, Duffy, Dunlap, Dushan, Elder, Ferguson, Fisher, Flowers, Forbes, Fulton, Garigen, Garland,Given, Goldsmith, Grant, Haymaker, Hebrank, Henry, Hood, Jennings, Johnston, Jones, Kain, Kelley, Kelly, Keeple, Kuhns, Kunkle, Latimer, Latta, Lemmon, Longfellow, Lovegood, Marshall, Mathews, McAfee, McCaddon, McCaleb, McCellend, McClelland, McClure, McConnell, McCreery, McCune, McCurdy, McDermott, McFarland, McGuire, McHugh, McIntyre, McKalip, McKelvey, McKewun, MxcMasters, McSwigen, Mitchell,Morrison, Munson, Nichols, Patrick, Queen, Quinn, Rainey, Reed, Reid, Richard, Rinsel, Ruton, Seaton, Shirey, Skelley, Skelly, Smith, Stauffer, Sterling, Stewart, Tannabill, Wallace, Weaver, Wheeler, Woods.

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