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Irish Immigrants in 19th Century Ohio II

Irish Immigrants in 19th Century Ohio II

Author: Donna M. Wolf
Information on the Irish in Ohio as a distinct group is sadly lacking. This book is an attempt to fill this gap and is part of a series dealing with Irish immigrants in Ohio. The names and genealogical information for this book were compiled from microfilm copies of naturalization records housed at the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, Ohio and from original records in several county courthouses. Records for the years 1846 to 1900 were surveyed for Cuyahoga County, Franklin, Knox, Madison, Marion, Montgomery, Pickaway, Summit and Union Counties. In Ohio, the early naturalization records are scattered among other information in the Common Pleas Court Records. Around mid-century, they are filed in separate volumes, and became part of the Probate Court Records.

The information provided in these documents is of mixed value, and must be used in conjunction with other genealogical sources. At times only a name and date are provided. In other cases a wealth of information is included: the date of birth, the date and port left in Ireland, the date and port of arrival in the United States, age at time of arrival and residence at the time of filing. Some naturalization records listed where and when the applicant filed first papers allowing the researcher to locate his previous residence. The later records also list witnesses, and/or individuals who verified the applicant’s period of residency in the state of Ohio or in the United States. Witnesses are not named in the book, but are named on the original documents.

Veterans did not have to file first papers, but were granted citizenships based on proof of service. In the soldiers records the year of enlistment in the military is frequently listed, and sometimes the regiment and company, helpful information when trying to obtain military records from sources such as National Archives. Ohio counties included in this book: Cuyahoga County, Franklin, Knox, Madison, Marion, Montgomery, Pickaway, Summit and Union. Index.

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