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Let these Stones Speak, Vol. 2 (Conestoga Twp.)

Let these Stones Speak, Vol. 2 (Conestoga Twp.) Authors: Darvin L. and Regina Christman Martin
The second photo CD in this series, this CD includes the following 25 cemeteries:
BR />Barr/Myley/Kendig Family, Carter Family (former site), Colmanville U.M. Church, Conestoga African Methodist Episcopal, Conestoga United Church of Christ, Conestoga U.M. Church, Eshleman Family, Fehl Family, Graver Family, Green Hill United Methodist Church, Harnish Family, Hebbel Family, (David) Hess Family, Kendig Family, Mount Zion Evangelical Church, (Old) Mount Zion Evangelical Cemetery (former site), Myers Family, Postlethwaite Graveyard, River Corner Mennonite Church, Safe Harbor, Safe Harbor Roman Catholic, Shenk Family (former site), Shenk/Hess Family, Stehman Family, and Warfel Family Graveyards/Cemeteries.

Tombstone photographs can be printed as large as 8.5x11. Documentation of 4,476 individuals buried in this township and over 3,000 photographs. Every name index with links to each photograph.

40 top surnames found on this CD: Warfel, Hess, Good, Shenk/Shank, Henry, Rankin, Harnish, Kreider, Sourbeer, Miller, Rineer/Rinier/Rhinier, Kendig, Kindig, Benedict/Benedick, Groff, Graver, Smith, Campbell, Herr, Duke, Eshleman/Eshelman, Kneisley, Martin, Funk, Eckman, Bitts, Keperling/Kepperling, Clark, Hackman, Gardner, Kauffman/Kaufman, Sellers, Urban, Zercher, Cramer, Gainer, Lines, Witmer, Frey/Fry, Shoff, Foutz, Markley, and Wagner.

2003, 3,888 pages, CD
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