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Locations and Origins of the Cemeteries of Beaver County, PA

Locations and Origins of the Cemeteries of Beaver County, PA Author: Mark R. Barnes
Mark aimed to find all the cemeteries in Beaver County he could, and provide a listing in book form for easy reference. He started with the 1936 Beaver County Works Progress Administration cemetery listing (Project 2039), and the 1983 American Legion cemetery list. This book includes 171 cemeteries, location finders, townships in which they are located, and township maps detailing exactly where the cemeteries are located. The compiler then added a history of each cemetery with a description of the original landowner, the affiliate church or some historical article of interest. 
This book more than a cemetery guide loaded with multitudes of Beaver County history. Mark gathered information from a host of different sources all referenced in a resource section. He does not claim to have found all the cemeteries, as there are probably still unmarked and abandoned gravesites within the bounds of Beaver County. All but a couple of the cemeteries included in this guide have given up the forgotten secrets of their past. A must for every Beaver County researcher!

2005, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 174 pages
ISBN 9781558564411

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