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Lost Children of the Ohio Valley

Lost Children of the Ohio Valley Author: Gordon Grafton
A journalist from the Herald Star, a local Jefferson County, Ohio newspaper, thought this book was wonderful. She said Gordon Grafton had written this book with his heart and soul.

The title is based on the McCullough’s Children’s Home (Yellow Creek) and also gives some history of the Smithfield Children’s Bethel.

The author felt that the history of the old Home and stories of some of the folks that were actually in the old Home needed to be shared. By providing a medium for those who were actually involved with this orphanage, he hopes to help the former residents to connect with one another and at the same time preserve a piece of Jefferson County, Ohio history.

Stories, documents, photographs, history make this title one that you would want to read and ponder.

2008, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 175 pages
ISBN 9781558564923

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