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Luzerne County, PA - The 19th Century and Before

Luzerne County, PA - The 19th Century and Before Compilers: Retrospect Publishing

Both the History of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania by H.C. Bradsby, published in 1893 and the Annals of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania - A record of interesting events, traditions & anecdotes from the first settlement at Wyoming to 1860 by Stewart Pearce provide a in-depth account of people and life in the county.

Both publications provide accounts of early Indian skirmishes including the Sugar Loaf Massacre, accounts of the major industries of the area such as coal and agriculture, along with town histories for Wilkes-Barre, and Hazelton and townships and borough histories. Bradsby’s History also includes over 2,300 biographies of Luzerne County families, township lists of 1796 county taxpayers, rosters of soldier that served from the county and much more.

The Centennial Chronology of Luzerne County and its Coal Fields, 1776 – 1887 by William E. Whytes is a unique publication that records significant events in the county over a hundred year period. Some of the accounts include the first miner, a Welshman named Abraham Williams, arrived in the Wyoming Valley in 1799, the first organ in the county was placed in St. Stephen’s church, Wilkes-Barre and the first tune played was Yankee Doodle in 1823 and so on. For family historians and genealogists this publication provides a sense of context to life in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

An Account of the unparalleled Disaster at the Avondale Colliery published in 1869 is a grim reminder of the dangers of mining. This publication goes into painstaking detail on the disaster and the men that perished in this coal mining disaster. This CD contains images of the original pages along with a full text search capability for the following books:

  • History of Luzerne Co., PA, 1893 (H.C. Bradsby; S.B. Nelson & Co.; Chicago, 1893)
  • Annals of Luzerne County, PA (Stewart Pearce; J.B. Lippincott & Co.; Philadelphia, 1860)
  • Centennial Chronology of Luzerne Co. and its Coal Fields (William E. Whytes; Wilkes-Barre, PA; 1876)
  • An Account of the Unparalleled Disaster at the Avondale Colliery, Luzerne County (H.W. Chase; J.B. Furman, Scranton, PA;1869).

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    The four publications on this CD offer a unique collection of history and genealogy information for Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Whether you are searching for those who served in the Revolutionary War or would like to learn about a tragic mining disaster and what life in a mine was like; you are bound to learn more about Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. County map included.

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