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My Somerset County Heritage (Hardbound Edition)

My Somerset County Heritage (Hardbound Edition)

 Author: Clyde Irvin Coughenour, Jr.

The author traces his Coughenour family history. Along the way he makes many discoveries which include the last letter his granduncle wrote before he died in World War II, Coughenour's that fought on both sides of the Civil War including one who was with Lee at Gettysburg, family that helped lay out the town of Johnstown and kill the last wolf in the Conewago Hills, the correct spelling of his last name, a cemetery where all the gravestones were thrown in a creek, Mennonite persecution and much more. Photographs and illustrations.

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2016, 8.5” x 11, Hardbound Edition, 419 pages

Softbound Edition also available. See separate listing.


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