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Northumberland County Marriages, Vol 3

Northumberland County Marriages, Vol 3

Compiler: John P. Deeben

The third of a potential 13 volumes, Volume 3 covers the years 1888-1890 (Marriage License Docket No. 4). It includes marriage license applications transcribed from the county courthouse docket books.

The entries are arranged numerically by license number, but the format changes slightly from Docket No. 3. The numbered questions were eliminated in favor of a statement asking the same questions, with blanks to fill in the required information by the Clerk of Orphans Court. The summaries include the responses to most of the application questions (when given), except for the questions about race and consent. With few exceptions, all of the individuals who applied for licenses identified themselves as “White,” and the author generally assumed that parental consent to marriage was given.

The numerically-arranged license applications are followed by alphabetical groom/bride surname indexes, which also provide the dates of marriage and the corresponding license number to allow researchers to easily locate the appropriate summary. Previously married brides are listed by their married surname with original maiden name in brackets.

2013, 8.5x11, Softbound, 308 pages

ISBN 9781558565838



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