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Old Burial Ground and Greenwood Cemetery Records

Old Burial Ground and Greenwood Cemetery Records New Introduction by Mary Closson
Due to a limited printing in 1935, and the passing of so many years, the original book, “History and Burial Records, St. John’s Church, Howertown, Northampton County, PA,” is now rare. The major part of this book comprised the church history of old St. John’s Church of Howertown from a historical sketch which had been compiled in 1855. In our attempt to preserve records that might otherwise be lost or unavailable to the general public, we have reprinted the cemetery sections only. Other than enlarging the type, this section is reprinted from the original book exactly as it appeared in 1935. Some pages may be lighter than others due to the old lithography process. Nearly 1800 names are arranged according to the letters of the alphabet (not necessarily in alphabetical order), but a quick search can find the individual (s) you may be seeking starting with that letter of the alphabet. The burial ground to the West of the church building is known as “Old Grave Yard.” It was the original burial place for church members. The first grave was opened in 1834 before the church was completed. Greenwood Cemetery was opened in 1862. More historical information on the graveyards is given in the reprint.

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