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PA Births: Philadelphia County, 1644-1765

PA Births: Philadelphia County, 1644-1765 Author: John T. Humphrey
This book is a comprehensive index to the extant birth records for children born in Philadelphia County before 1765. Each entry lists family name, the name of the infant, the date of birth or baptism, the names of both parents and the source where the information was found. If the mother’s maiden surname is given in the church record that information is also included. Philadelphia, America’s preeminent eighteenth-century city and principal port of immigration, was the birthplace of many people who relocated to other areas of the United States. Denominations covered in the Philadelphia County volumes include: Quaker, Catholic, Anglican or Protestant Episcopal, Baptist, Presbyterian, Moravian, German Reformed and Swedish and German Lutheran. Combined fifteen church, meeting and pastoral records list more than 17,600 births.

1994, 6" X 9", Hardbound, 567 pages
ISBN 1887609016

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