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Pioneer Folks in Medina County, Ohio, Vol. 4

Pioneer Folks in Medina County, Ohio, Vol. 4 Author: Sharon L.D. Kraynek
Once pioneers of the western frontier, when the Twentieth Century was still four score in the future, these pioneers left their homes in England, Ireland, New York, Connecticut and elsewhere to travel west. Whether it was for land, adventure or wealth, they had come to what once was nothing more than a wilderness and made it into Medina County, Ohio. This Medina Gazette Obits is an aid to any genealogist searching family roots, but it is also a memorial to those who lived in this area. It includes vital statistics but has much more than dates of birth, dates of marriage, and death dates. Check it out to find out for yourself. 4There are four volumes, each covering a different time period. Volume 4 covers period January 5, 1893 through December 26, 1895. Index.

2001, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 217 pages
ISBN 1558563512

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