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Pioneer Recollections: Miami Valley of Ohio - 1797-1850

Pioneer Recollections: Miami Valley of Ohio - 1797-1850 Author: Juda M. Moyer

The author, Juda Moyer, was reading old newspapers on microfilm when she found an article which described some of the conditions faced by people trying to create a new life for themselves in a new environment, far away from family and friends and those things familiar to them. More reading led her to discover this article was a series of stories told by different people describing their journey into the wilderness of Ohio. It was such an unusual insight into the lives of these people that she wanted to share it with other researchers. Much more than the usual collection of names and dates, these stories provide acumen into the hard times they lived thus making this book appealing to the historian as well as the family researcher.

The seeds of hope for a new life were first sown in the minds of people who were willing to endure severe personal hardship in an effort to obtain their dreams. They left behind loved ones and friends they would never see again as they began their journey into the western wilderness from the east coast of what is now called the United States of America. Some of them lost parents, spouses, children or siblings on this hazardous journey across mountains years before covered wagons were used for this journey. They travelled using rivers as much as possible, as that mode of travel was the least dangerous for them.

These are stories of the pioneer men, women and children who settled the Miami Valley in Ohio. The families cleared fields for plowing by girding the trees. The earliest settlers didn’t have access to saws, so they cut off a large strip of the bark from around the tree with an axe. They cut off a large strip of bark around the tree. Then they had to wait for the tree to die. After the tree died and the wood dried out, then they could burn the tree to clear the land for planting crops. Their nearest neighbor could be five or more miles away from their home. Their grim determination to survive against the odds is truly awesome.

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