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Potters and Potteries in the Commonwealth of PA

Potters and Potteries in the Commonwealth of PA Author: Dr. James B. Whisker
This title is an encyclopedia of potters (c. 1600 to c. 1910) from across the state. It came about as part of Dr. Whisker's series on occupations of the country's colonial and post-Revolutionary War eras. Pottery making was a popular profession, especially in parts of the state where the clay was kiln-worthy, because it was inexpensive as a start-up business. The book lists a member of the well-known Pfaltzgraff family of York County. It also lists many potters who had operations, however large or small, in Bedford County. The real centers known for potters were in Chester, Huntingdon and Greene Counties. It will provide insight to researchers and antique collectors who are looking for some background.

2010, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 144 pages
ISBN 9781558565124

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