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Shenango Valley Cemetery, Book 1

Shenango Valley Cemetery, Book 1

Author: Mark S. Painter
One of the first modern cemeteries in Mercer County being operated by an association and offering perpetual care. From the record books of the cemetery, this book offers the following information: name of the deceased, place of birth date/place, death date, in whose lot interred, late residence, age in years, months and days, lot number and section, permit obtained by. Gives the researcher priceless information before the states began keeping death records in 1906. 1882-1913 covers a period when Greenville was booming with new buildings, businesses, railroads, manufacturing, coal and agriculture and was the largest town in the area and hub of the surrounding community. As these records show, the town attracted people from everywhere (a lot from Lehigh, Northampton County area, children of Mercer County area pioneers from all over the county, Venango County oilfield families that moved to Greenville to get away from the mess, Indiana County-a real mix of people from all over) and also recorded are many of the children and grandchildren of the earliest Mercer County pioneers. Index. 

1998, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 200 pages
ISBN 1558562699

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