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Somerset County, PA WPA Cemetery Readings

Somerset County, PA WPA Cemetery Readings Author: Ora L. Flaningam
…A Recompilation. Complete listing of the 1930s WPA cemetery readings made from the original worksheets including 550 cemeteries. This new compilation has all 39,423 WPA grave records in a single file. Graphics of the 2782 original worksheet pages are included for reference. The earliest death is 1779 and the earliest birth is 1700. Most of the readings were done in the 1920s to 1940, however, there are about 1000 deaths recorded between 1940 and 1990. Bookmarks are used to enable the user to jump to any desired location in the files. In addition to the usual Name Sort, there are sorts by: Age, Birth Date, Death Date, Alphabetical by Cemetery, As-Read by Cemetery, Relationship. 23 page introduction is included.

2006, 900 pages, CD
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