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St. Paul or or "White Church" at Ringtown

St. Paul or or "White Church" at Ringtown Author: Schuylkill Roots
These Union Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania records include the earlier records of the "Old White Church." In the early days it was a log structure which was replaced by the present structure in 1842. It was built by Lutherans about 1810. In 1822 a Union church was formed with a Reformed Congregation being given joint interest. In 1883 the Lutherans built their own church; the Reformed built their own in 1892, thus ending the Union concept then popular. Records transcribed here are: Union baptisms, 1810-64; Ref. baptisms, 1864-75; Lutheran baptisms, 1864-84; deaths and burials, 1842-1933; Dombach and Krebs burials. Index.

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