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St. Paul’s (White Church) and Ref. Congregation

St. Paul’s (White Church) and Ref. Congregation Author: Schuylkill Roots
ISBN 1558561617. The “Old White Church” is located in Union Township and North Union Township which is in NE Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, about 11/2 miles east of the town of Ringtown. The oldest grave marker in this church cemetery is 1815. St. Peter’s Reformed Church is in Beaver Valley, Columbia County, Pennsylvania. In addition to the burials of nine cemeteries (Columbia and Schuylkill Counties) are baptisms, deaths, confirmations, deaths, and marriages for both churches. Church records cover the time period 1874-1913. Index.

1994, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 280 pages
ISBN 1558561617

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