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The Borough of Belle Vernon Pennsylvania Celebrating 200 years 1813-2013

The Borough of Belle Vernon Pennsylvania Celebrating 200 years 1813-2013

Compilers: Belle Vernon Borough Bicentennial Committee under the Direction of Thomas Hewitt & Sherry Shondelmeyer

This book features 90 pages of photographs from the town of Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. It was compiled with the efforts of its community members to commemorate the town’s rich heritage and industrial past.

Belle Vernon was founded in 1813 by Henry Speers and by the turn of the century was an industrial marvel in glass making. The book attempts to show those days that we all have heard about in stories. It gives the reader a chance to look back and see things the way they used to be -- the bridges, the glass factory and the banks, just to name a few things that capture our memories.

This bicentennial book is a great conversation piece. It has been successful in bringing people together and asking questions about the past. It will be the first in a series of books to follow. It’s a great gift for any one who lived or worked and/or had a family member who lived or worked in Belle Vernon. The family researcher could use it to expound on what their ancestors lives were really like and perhaps see them in a different light.

2013, 8.5 x 11, Softbound, 90 pages

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