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The Kernel of Greatness

The Kernel of Greatness Authors: Bedford County Historical Society
As a part of the 250th Celebration of the French and Indian War, the Bedford County Historical Society (formerly Pioneer Historical Society) is republishing some of their books at the request of the public. The Kernel of Greatness was edited by Winona Garbrick with contributions from local authors: Thomas C. Imler, Ronald Morgan, William A. Jordan, Vaughn E. Whisker, Mrs. Harriette M. Bradley, Calvin W. Hetrick, Robert H. Hammer, Mrs. Helen Zumbro, Helen Barnett and Jon Baughman. This book was originally published for the Bedford County Bicentennial Celebration in 1971. It is an informal history of Bedford County; in its pages the reader will discover that Bedford County was the scene of two events in early American history whose importance to world history is overlooked and almost unrecognized even in the County itself. These are the Whiskey Rebellion and the fall of Fort Bedford to Smiths Black Boys. The Kernel of Greatness also aptly reflects the County’s equally impressive but less grandiose roles as the Mother County of two-fifths of the State. 

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2007, 6" X 9", Softbound, 272 pages

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