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The Land of Dayaogeh

The Land of Dayaogeh Author: Bob Cole
The earliest known name for the place where the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers join to form the Ohio River is Day-a-o-geh. This Seneca name describes it as the place where the beautiful rivers meet or the low place where the beautiful rivers meet. The name first appears on the lead plate planted by Celeron de Bienville in 1749 at the place we know as Pittsburgh. It is appropriate to title an account of the early history of western Pennsylvania using this name, thus The Land of Dayaogeh.

It is a narrative account of the people and events that shaped western Pennsylvania from the earliest habitation to the arrival of the civilization of today. It covers a time frame from approximately 10,000 BC to 1800 AD. The story contains over 2,600 indexed names of the people and places that are part of that history.

The book describes how a wilderness yielded to many cultures before the civilization of today came to be. It also tells how the land shaped those individuals and that civilization. Much of the story is told in the words of those who were a part of it. They tell of the trials and tribulations, the successes and failures, which shaped their lives. They tell of the establishment of homes, villages, towns, and institutions that define the civilization of today.

For those who are interested in the story of early western Pennsylvania this book provides a complete account of that history. A list of references is included for those who wish to increase their knowledge. (Don't judge a book by it's cover. The publisher fell in love with the photography of a Western Indian and used it for the cover, however, the book is loaded with information about about Eastern Indians.)Research into old documents and dusty books created a large database of historical information about Western PA. This is an excellent read! Index.

2006, 6" X 9", Softbound, 536 pages
ISBN 9781558564541

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