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The Lindsay Letters: 1828-1838

The Lindsay Letters: 1828-1838

Author: Lea Leever Oldham
A fascinating look at life over a century and a half ago through the eyes of a man who traveled this nation when it was still very young. He coped with Washington and Army politics. He negotiated Indian treaties and sat on court martial boards as commander of the Cherokee Nation. Vivid word pictures of Lindsay’s U.S. takes us to those days. He is overwhelmed by the Erie Canal, describing it as a work designed and executed by man “so disproportionate and so incommensurate with his means.” He found the Great Lakes breathtaking in “desolate majesty - their magnitude - crystal cleanness.” He likens washing his hands in Lake Superior to the “religious reverence of the Hindustandess bathing in Ganges.”

Some letters talk about such mundane concerns as investments and planting instructions to the overseer. However, his letter about the loss of his young son and namesake makes him question his profession which keeps him away from those he loves and describes his feelings as “severe and heart rendering.” Major General Scott sent a letter of condolence to Lindsay’s widow saying “he coerced [the Cherokees] by kindness” annotated by Edward Lindsay Oldham.

1998, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 89 pages
ISBN 1558562796

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