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Closson Press took its roots in June 1976 when Robert M. and Marietta (Fowler) Closson (Bob and Mary) decided they needed to do something to support their habit. The couple both loved doing family research as a hobby and as a religious conviction. They lived in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, but most of their personal family research took them into other counties, states, or even countries. It got to be an expensive ordeal.

Bob got the idea that they could start up a cemetery search service from the Westmoreland County records they had in their possession, and that's what they did. They searched 60 cemetery records for $1.00. For that $1.00 they abstracted every individual of one surname interred in any of the 60 records and presented it in a typed report. Those seeking Westmoreland County ancestry enjoyed the service and asked for more. Other researchers asked for other counties. The requests expanded and the Clossons went out on a limb to keep their clients happy.

To make a long story short, they realized that many people needed the same type records. This prompted them to start abstracting genealogical records and putting them into book form. Local printers could not handle their printing demands so they started with a stencil cutter and mimeograph in their basement and printed their own books. They eventually graduated into a complete offset print shop operation which was replaced by digital equipment in 2005.

Needless to say, the digital equipment opened many doors -- better service, on demand printing, quality photos above and beyond the old screening technique, elimination of cut and paste, printing directly from the CD with photos embedded, and now colored photos and covers when requested. Hardbinding, perfect binding, and spiral binding are available with the latest technology in coating to make a durable soft cover.

Still a family run business, the Clossons continue to print and publish books. They have published over 600 books and have managed to keep most of them in print. Too busy keeping books in print and preparing books for the press, they've recruited help and their dedicated compilers continue to add to that number. 

The Clossons also print family histories and genealogical material for individuals and societies.  Books printed by Closson Press are included on this site  with sales going directly to the authors.  Their previous site had two separate catalogs -- the Main Catalog and the PRINTING FOR YOU BY YOU Catalog. For your convenience, books printed for printing customers and Closson Press products are now listed under one catalog. When you see the logo developed specifically to call this to your attention, you are alerted that you cannot order via the Shopping Cart, but must order directly from the author. Ordering information is included on the customer product page.

The objective of Closson Press is to preserve as much history and genealogy as is humanly possible in the number of hours they have on this earth. They have enjoyed many years of working one-on-one with hundreds of you helping to preserve your family records as well as providing books and CDs to help you find more. They know that without you Closson Press would not exist. For that -- THANK YOU!

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