Closson Press

We are Printers as well as Publishers.

An economical way to publish your family history, newsletters, quarterlies, magazines, pamphlets, forms, manuscripts, etc., Closson Press has been printing history, family history, and genealogy books since 1976.

We understand the time and love that goes into preparing a family history and want to help you preserve your records in a book you will be proud to present to future generations. We take each book we print personally. Because of our experience we can guide you through the entire process from beginning to end and help you avoid many of the pitfalls that are very time consuming to correct late in the project. The sooner you contact us, the better it will be for you.

After your book is printed, we help you get your book sold by adding it to this web site where it will remain until you advise us the book is out-of-print. Many companies will offer to sell your book for a fee. WIth Closson Press, all orders go directly to you. There is no charge for this service. All we ask is that you notify us when your books are sold so we might remove it from the site.

We will also include one brief insertion in our annual supplement during the year your book is printed. This supplement is mailed to over 10,000 individuals, libraries and societies interested in genealogy at no cost to you. Again, orders go directly to you.

Because there are so many arbitraries in printing, in order to give you the best price possible, we quote on each job individually starting with a standard (bottom line) quote. Quotes are based on camera-ready copy, meaning you have printed and reviewed a copy of your manuscript and are satisfied it is ready to print (what you see is what you get). Once we have the printout in hand, we check through your printed copy and notify you if there are any concerns or recommendations for improvement. If you desire upgrades to the quote (i.e, better paper quality), we can let you know what the difference would be and you can decide if you want to make the add on.

With digital equipment we have the ability to print one book if that is all you want, but the price per book is less for higher quantities. The difference in set up time for one book is no less than the set up time for 1000 books.

The following information is needed to provide a quote:
  • Quantity of books to be printed (at least an approximation to start the quote).
  • Total number of pages in the manuscript. Pricing is based on the number of pages, not the number of sheets. Two pages are printed on each sheet, front and back. Blank pages are added in the final count.
  • Standard format sizes for a book are: 8.5 x 11", 5.5 x 8.5", or 6 x 9." The format size you choose does not make a difference in the pricing. It is a matter of preference.
  • Prices are quoted on 50# quality acid-free paper.
  • There is no additional charge for photographs, documents, or line drawings that are scanned and embedded on the page. A PDF file with embedded information is preferred.
  • Type of Binding (Hardbound, Perfect Binding (Softbinding), Spiral)
  • Softbound books: 80# cardstock (printed color of your choice). You must provide a mock-up of the cover and any photographs or artwork you want added to the cover design. A simple cover will be designed at no cost to you based on your instructions. If you require elaborate typesetting or layout, there will be an additional charge based on the time involved.You will receive a proof copy of the cover before it is printed via e-mail. All covers are coated with a laminant to protect the cover and make it more durable.
  • Hardbound books: Buckram or Imitation Leather with gold, black or silver stamping is available. The font and size of your choice will be matched to your mock-up as closely as possible. Die cuts are available for an additional cost if you desire a special design and/or want the cover to be stamped directly from the copy you provide.
Requests for quotes can be e-mailed to Your telephone calls are also welcome, particularly if you have questions regarding set up (724-337-4482) or write for details: Closson Press 257 Delilah Drive, Apollo, PA 15613-1933.
    Payment Terms:
    • 50% of the quoted price is required before printing is started.
    • The balance plus shipping/handling is due within 30 days of receipt of the book.
    Closson Press guarantees satisfaction.
    To avoid any problems, an unbound printed proof copy of your book will be mailed to you before the final printing process proceeds. This unbound book must be returned with a  detailed list of any concern(s) you may want addressed and those problems will be resolved before your books will be printed. If you are satisfied with the proof, you will be asked to sign the paper that will be sent with the proof giving Closson Press your approval to complete the printing. If for any reason, the printed books are not equivalent to the sample you are sent, we will replace the printing. Our prices and schedules are complemented by our attention to detail and superior customer service.

    Send us your specifications on your upcoming titles now!
    Even if the quantity and page counts are not firm, send us specs on your upcoming titles, and we'll get the ball rolling! This will allow Closson Press an opportunity to review your project and possibly offer suggestions from a manufacturing perspective.

    BONUS: If you want to get rid of the hastle of preparing your own newsletters or other targeted direct mail campaigns for mailing, we have the tools needed to effectively correct and sort your bulk mailing in the exact order the Post Office specifies. If you mail 200 pieces or more, you qualify for discounted postage. Our all-in-one, cost effective direct mail software solution can save you up to 68% on postage in addition to eliminating the time it takes you to prepare your printing for mailing. You can also take advantage of using our Standard Presort Mail Permit. (This offer only applies to projects printed by Closson Press.)