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A Cramer-King Family History, 1730-2001

A Cramer-King Family History, 1730-2001 Authors: Ora Flaningam, Rosalie Hartinger, Mazie Emanuel and fifty other contributors

This history covers the family of Philip King, Sr. and his wife, Catharine. Because the families are so heavily intermarried, it also includes the family of Adam Cramer, Sr. and his wife Hannah Rambo. The families are first found in eastern Pennsylvania, about 1740. After the Revolutionary War, they moved to Somerset County.

After 1800, the families slowly migrated into other southwestern Pennsylvania counties and into neighboring states. After the Civil War, the family dispersal has continued until there are members in almost every state in the Union. There are hundreds of allied lines with many familiar names from southwestern Pennsylvania.

Some of the more extensive lines are: Ansell, Antill, Bailey, Baker, Beal(e), Breese, Brown, Burkholder, Clark, Clinton, Conn, Connelly, Cre(a)mer, Critchfield, Cummings, Cunningham, Danley, Davidson, Davis, Dow, Dull, Dunmyer, Evans, Fagerlind, Ferguson, Firestone, Flowers, Foreman, Fulton, Gallagher, Gove, Gray, Grimm, Grindle, Ha(u)ger, Hall, Harbaugh, Harned, Harris, Hartzog, Harvey, Haven, Henry, Hill, Holland(a), Humbert, Hunter, Husband, Imel, Jackson, Johns, Johnson, Jones, Kalp, Keefer, Keeler, Knight, Krager, Landers, Lanning, Lepley, Levan, Lint, Long, Lucas, Martin, Mason, Mazie, McIntire, Meyer, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Morris, Mounts, Myers, Nelson, Newell, Ohler, Paris, Parsons, Patterson, Pettit, Phillippi, Phillips, Pierce, Pletcher, Pritts, Pumphery, Putman/Putnam, Rambo, Rayl, Ream, Redfoot, Reese, Reeves, Rieman, Ridenour/Ritneour, Roadman, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rugg, Sanner, Selner, Shaffer, Skinner, Smith, Snyder, Solida, Stewart, Strawn, Strickler, Stroud, Taft, Talley, Tannehill, Taylor, Tedrow, Thomas, Thompson, Tissue, Tomasson, Tressler, Trimpey, Truman, Uber, Vance, Vaughn, Waibel, Waldron, Walk, Walter(s), Weimer, Westergard, Wheeler, Whipkey, White, Whitney, Wildren, Williams, Wilson, Woods, Wright, Yeskey, Young and Younkin.

12 chapters - one for each generation from the progenitors. Descendant charts of the first three generations are given. 11,600 unique names listed, all linked to the progenitors. Includes family stories and legends. 880 pages includes extensive 160 page name index. Price includes shipping and handling. CD-ROM with photographs, source documents, and a geographical index and much new data are included. Examples of the new data are 3 earlier generations of the Cramer/Kraemer family taking the record back from 1731 to 1679, several added lines of descendants and about 90 obituaries from 2001 to 2009.

Shipping and handling included in price.

2001, 8.5" X 11", Hardbound, 880 pages

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