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A History of Chester “The Gateway to the West”

A History of Chester “The Gateway to the West” Author: Roy C. Cashdollar
By popular request, the two-part history of Chester, West Virginia written and published by Roy C. Cashdollar is once again available. With permission from Mr. Cashdollar, the Tri-State Genealogical and Historical Society is pleased to sponsor this reprint. In Part I, Author Cashdollar provides his readers with a brief but informative history of Chester and its early settlers.

The reader can trace the early and rapid growth of the town with the center of the village activities moving first from the Bennett Bottom area, up to the Virginia Avenue section, and then with the coming of industry, moving to the Carolina Avenue section. Part II is a second trip through town with historical notes and pictures from the past, ending with a trip “Down Memory Lane.” Index.

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