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A Miller-Emme Ancestry from Haydentown, PA and surrounding areas

A Miller-Emme Ancestry from Haydentown, PA and surrounding areas Author: Kathryn Mercedes Cooley Miller
Miller, Emme, Derry, Getzendanner, Sisler, Friend, Bonnell, Baird, and Ridgeway are the primary families represented in this book. Millers date back to early 1700s from Maryland; Emmes date back to late 1600s from Germany; Getzendanners date back to late 1700s from Maryland; Sislers and Friends date back to 1700s from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia; Bonnell dates back to early 1600’s from New Jersey and Maryland; Baird date back to the 1700s from New Jersey to Maryland; Ridgeway dates back to late 1600s in New Jersey and into the 1700s in West Virginia.

This book includes an immense amount of genealogical information on these families. Photographs. Everyname index.

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2004, 8.5" X 11", Hardbound, 410 pages

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