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Abstracts of Deeds of Northampton County, PA, Vol. 1

Abstracts of Deeds of Northampton County, PA, Vol. 1

Author: Candace E. Anderson
(Deed BookA1: 1752-1763, Deed Book B1: 1763-1773 plus Abstracts of Miscellaneous Public Records: 1749-1838) Northampton County was formed in 1752, taking land from the northern part of Bucks County, one of the original counties of Pennsylvania. This collection of abstracted records is in two parts. The first, land records, involves land records, deeds, mortgages, deed polls, leases, and so forth.

Not only can one discover the location of property owned by an individual but often that individual’s occupation, the name of his spouse, occasionally the names of relatives, the names of neighboring land owners, and the history of the land, often back to the original land patent. These early patents were granted by William Penn or his descendants who were called the Proprietary’s of the Province of Pennsylvania.

The second part of these abstracts was taken from a volume of miscellaneous public records. Most of the records are from Northampton County though a few come from neighboring counties. There is quite a variety of records in this section. These records are interesting in the information they give as well as the insight they lend into early American customs and life. An every name index was added for easy access to the thousands of names in this publication.

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