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Abstracts of the Washington Reporter, 1848-50, Bk 7

Abstracts of the Washington Reporter, 1848-50, Bk 7 Author: Bonnie Malmat
Book 7 begins May 13, 1848 and continues through July 24, 1850. The quality of the microfilming of the newspaper was not as good as for previous issues. Includes notices regarding vital records, such as marriages and deaths, ads disavowing any debt of runaway wives, which sometimes gives the maiden name of the wife, a piece of data that is difficult to find in the pre-civil registration days in addition to giving hints as to martial life. More rarely, formal divorces are advertised.

Also included are abundant land sales ranging from private sales to sales from investors, to seized estates. Often, detailed descriptions of the properties involved are given, describing everything from the buildings to the crops planted with descriptions of acreage and natural features. Merchants advertised, offering their services and describing their wares.

This can be a fascinating glimpse into what they did for a living and how they perceived it to their customers. Some articles or advertisements mention when someone moved in or out of the area and often from where to where. Runaways are sought, whether they are slaves, errant wives or indentured servants. Details descriptions of the missing persons are given. Tragic fires, new projects, politics and elections, accidents, school happenings from high school to university help flesh out and personalize these people who lived so long ago. Index.

2008, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 247 pages
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