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Allegheny County, PA (Sewickley Valley)

Allegheny County, PA (Sewickley Valley) Compiler: Retrospect Publishing
The Sewickley Valley encompasses an area approximately 14 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. This unique collection of books on CD includes full text searchable images of several of the early histories for Sewickley, Pennsylvania including the following books:
  • Village of Sewickley(Franklin T. Nevin; The Sewickley Printing Shop; 1929)
  • Light and Shadows of Sewickley Life (Agnes L. Ellis; J. B. Lippincott Co, Philadelphia; 1893)
  • History of the Presbyterian Church of Sewickley, Pennsylvania  (A Committee of the Congregation; The Knickerbocker Press; 1914)
  • Directory of Ambridge, Avalon, Bellevue, Ben Avon, Economy, Edgeworth, Emsworth, Fair Oaks, Glen Osborne, Glenfield, Haysville, Leetsdale, Quaker Valley, Sewickley and Shields (R. L. Polk & Co. and R. L. Dudley; R. L. Polk & Co. and R. L. Dudley; 1905)
  • Allegheny Country Club: Constitution, By-Laws and List of Members (Unknown; Murdoch, Kerr & Co., Pittsburg; 1911)
  • Literary Classes in Sewickley, 1865-1895 (Unknown; Sewickley Query Club; 1895)
  • Sewickley Query Club 1905-06 (Unknown; Sewickley Query Club; 1905)
  • Sewickley Query Club 1919-20 (Unknown; Sewickley Query Club; 1919)

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If your ancestors lived in the Sewickley Valley during the 1800s and early 1900s, this CD could prove very useful in learning more about their life and times. Using this CD, you will be able to search for well over 8,000 valley resident in seconds and determine if your great grandfather was a member of the Allegheny Country Club or see if your great aunt was a member of Query Club in Sewickley. This unique collection of books would certainly be of value to any genealogist or historian interest in the Sewickley Valley.73 illustrations.

2009,1168 pages, CD
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