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Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Archives, Volume 1

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Archives, Volume 1

Author: Kenneth T. McFarland
Orphans Court Docket 1, 1789-1820. This series of 12 books (to date) is a must for research in this county (and for the northern tier of counties formed from it in 1800+). These records are an exceptional representation of Allegheny County records. Complete extractions. An often overlooked source of information, Dockets of the Orphans Court can prove to be valuable. Guardians and administrators were often relatives or neighbors, and attempts to partition property usually named all the children left by a particular descendent (including names of the spouses of married daughters). Every name index.

1991, 8.5" X 11", Hardbound, 185 pages
ISBN 1558560521

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