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Atlas of Crawford County, OH ca 1855

Atlas of Crawford County, OH ca 1855 Authors: Crawford County Chapter, OGS
Developed from a Wall Map housed in Washington D.C.- Third reprint! The new book is reduced in size, making it much easier to handle, has a beautiful picture of the old courthouse on the front, and is laminated for durability. Credit is given to Bill and Dee Marquart and Carl Shumaker for making this book possible in the 1980’s. First section contains 45 pages of County maps, township maps, village plats of all those “little places,” directory of churches and cemeteries and index of map location and list of village lot owners. Part Two contains Boundary and Territorial changes within Crawford Co., map of the county in 1983, Wyandot Indian Reservation, old and new purchases and the townships plus a map of the county in 1840. Anyone who is researching the early years of this county will find this a researcher’s delight! Oversized. Laminated. 

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2003, 9-3/4" x 13", Softbound. 126 pages

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Crawford County Chapter, OGS
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