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The Baumillers in America

The Baumillers in America Author: Rich Cummings, MSW LSW
This book is a three part examination of the Baumiller families in the United States. The first part of the book is a genealogy of all the Baumillers who lived in the United States in 1880. In addition, the book gives the genealogy of the Baumiller family from North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, and Washington who arrived in the United States in the early twentieth century. 

The second part examines the authors branch of the Baumiller family, the Pennsylvania Baumillers. This section is a historical examination of the family and the places they lived and the events which influenced their lives, including the history of Bavaria, the Thirty Year War, the Seven Year War, and the immigration process for immigrant Bavarian families of this era. 

The third section of this book examines the Pennsylvania Baumillers and multigenerational patterns of behavior which this family exhibits. This theoretical analysis is loosely based on Systems Theory as developed by Murray Bowen and is intended to be read by non-clinicians. It includes over 150 photographs and is a follow up to the authors first book, Origins, The Ancestry and Descendants of Valletin Baumuller (Closson Press 1994). 

This new book renders the author's first book outdated, but it is still available and offers over 250 family photographs which are not included in the second volume. Associated names include Brown, Allen, Smith, Friday, Klein, Schaacke, Yates, Powell, Ferguson, Aimen, Pollock, Chillson, Eckles, and Wineland. Four generation index. 

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2007, 6" X 9", Hardbound, 1327 pages

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