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Beaver County - The People and Towns

Beaver County - The People and Towns Compiler: Retrospect Publishing
Search for well over 10,000 Beaver County residents from the 1800s to the early 1900s within seconds. You will be able to find information on people, businesses, societies, churches, and much more. From the extensive bibliographic sketches to the list of Beaver Valley residents and their occupations, you are bound to learn more about the people and places that comprised Beaver County during this period. This CD contains the images of the original pages along with a powerful search tool for the following books:
  • Jordan’s Genealogical and Personal History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, Vol. I and II (John W. Jordan; Lewis Historical Publishing Co., NY; 1914)
  • Beaver Falls, New Brighton and Beaver Valley Directory, 1892-93 (The Birch Directory Co.; The Birch Directory Co.; Akron, Ohio; 1892)
  • Old Brighton Sketch of Settlements forming Beaver Falls, PA (F.S. Reader; F.S. Reader & Son, New Brighton, PA; 1908)
  • Historical Events of South Side Beaver County, PA and Home Coming Week (Robert M. Bryan; Hookstown, PA; 1924)
  • Rochester, 1899 (1799-1849) (M.F. Mecklem; Murdoch-Kerr Press, Pittsburgh; 1908),

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1999, 2,162 pages, CD
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