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Bedford County, PA Archives, Volume 1

Bedford County, PA Archives, Volume 1

Author: James Biser Whisker, Ph.D.
Jim Whisker, in Volume 1 of his Bedford County Archives series, includes letters of administration and related papers, marriages and obituaries from local newspapers, earliest Orphans Court records of Bedford County, apprenticeship papers of John Wilson, administration bonds, miscellany such as rolls of Captain Clabsdale Co., 1777, Maryland Militia, roll of Jackson Rifle Co., 1830, miscellaneous papers relating to Revolutionary War veterans, minutes of Women Friends, Dunnings Creek, commencing in 1801, Cumberland County land grants, 1761-69, comprising in effect, a census of seated land, for what is today Bedford and Fulton Counties. Cover period mid to late 1700s to ca 1820, mostly earlier records. Index.

1985, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 133 pages
ISBN 0933227124

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