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Butler County - The early 20th Century and Before

Butler County - The early 20th Century and Before Compiler: Retrospect Publishing
Search thousands upon thousands of Butler County residents from the 1800s to the early 1900s within seconds. The over 1200 bibliographic sketches in the 1909 County History provides a treasure-trove of family history that often goes back several generations. The wealth of information and names does not stop at the sketches, it only begins, for there are countless names included in the special interest chapters. These include the development and founding of boroughs and townships of Butler County along with chapters on the newspapers, lawyers, doctors, oil men and soldiers of the county.

Whether you are searching for the names of Revolutionary War Soldiers who settled in Butler, or are trying to locate rural neighbors in the Agricultural Directory which includes over 1800 names and map locations of Butler County residents, you are bound to learn more about the people and places that comprised Butler County during this period. This CD contains a powerful search tool and images of the original pages from the following books:

  • American Agriculturist Farm Directory and Reference Book for Butler Co., PA (Orange Judd Company, New York; Orange Judd Company, New York; 1916)
  • 1900 Centennial Letter - To the Children of Butler Co., PA (Simeon Nixon; 1900)
  • 20th Century History of Butler and Butler County, PA (James A. McKee; Richmond-Arnold Publishing Co., Chicago IL; 1909).

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1999, 1,664 pages, CD
ISBN 1929356005

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