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Butler County -The People and Towns

Butler County -The People and Towns Compiler: Retrospect Publishing
Own a unique collection of Butler County, Pennsylvania books on CD. This collection of books will assist avid genealogy researchers in learning more about the towns and people who settled Butler County in the late 1700s to the early 1900s. You will be able to search all 13 books in seconds and perhaps discover that one of your ancestors was a bounty hunter, an elder in one of the local churches or among the list of inhabitants of Saxonburg in 1840.

The 1883 History of Butler County, Pennsylvania published by Waterman, Watkins and Company has extensive chapters on the townships and boroughs of the county, which contain short biographies on the first settlers and their families. The various town histories including the early history of Saxonburg, history of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, Old Home Week – Prospect, Pennsylvania and the Official Souvenir Book provide a more detailed history and account of the people and their towns than what is typically found in general county histories.

The Directory of the Butler Oil Region contains the towns of Butler, Buena Vista, Centreville, Fairview, Greece, Harmony, Karns, Millerstown, Modoc, Petrolia and Zelienople. Also included in this directory are some of the principal towns in Armstrong, Beaver, Clarion and Jefferson Counties. The directory provides a brief history and a list of residents and business for each town and often times women are listed if they are widowed. Directories can be a useful aid for the genealogist interested in locating their ancestor between census years.

The History of the Butler Bar Association and the History of Butler Presbytery provide additional detail about the professional and religious life of county residents. The History of the Butler Bar Association provides a brief professional biography on all those individuals permitted to practice law in Butler County, PA from 1805 to 1932. Also included in this publication are brief accounts and recollections of some of the more notable cases and a listing of the judges of the county. The History of Butler Presbytery published by Zieger Printing Company in 1923 provides an in-depth look at the Presbyterian Church in Butler County and the surrounding area. Included in this publication are church histories that list the original founders, ministers, and elders.

This CD contains a powerful search tool and images of the original pages from the following books:

  • History of Butler County, PA (Alfred Matthews and others; Waterman, Watkins & Co., Chicago; 1883)
  • Directory of the Butler Oil Region, containing the Principal Towns from Butler, Armstrong, Beaver, Clarion, and Jefferson Counties (J. Wiggins & Co.; J.F. Diffenbacher, Pittsburgh; 1873)
  • Early Bounty Hunters of Butler County, PA (David Webb and John Stevens; David K. Webb, Chillicothe; 1934)
  • History of the Bar Association (William C. Finley; Miller-Mickley Printing Co.; 1935)
  • History of Butler Presbytery (Rev. W.S. McNees; Ziegler Printing Co., Butler, 1923)
  • Centennial Anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church of Butler, PA (Rev. William R. Craig; Ziegler Printing Co., Butler; 1913)
  • A History of the Middlesex Presbyterian Church(Robert Logan Swaim; 1937)
  • Official Souvenir Book 1796-1908 - Chicora, PA (various; Harold Publishing Co., Chicora; 1908)
  • Old Home Week Book, Prospect, PA (Andrew McCulloch and David Roth; 1912)
  • Early History of Saxonburg (Washington Roebling; Butler Co. Historical Society; 1924)
  • Souvenir History of Slippery Rock, PA (Rev. George S. Bowden; Ziegler Printing Co., Butler; 1925)
  • 6th Annual Catalog of the Slippery Rock State Normal School of PA, 1893-94 (Butler Eagle Printers; 1894)
  • 18th Annual Catalog of the Slippery Rock State Normal School of PA, 1905-1906 (The Champlin Press, Columbus; 1906)

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