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Cemeteries of Lancaster Co., PA, Vol. 3

Cemeteries of Lancaster Co., PA, Vol. 3 Author: Dr. Shirley A. Harmon
Volume 3 includes the following cemeteries by township:
Lancaster: Erisman Cemetery, First Presbyterian Churchyard, Gable Cemetery, Greenwood Cemetery, Greider Graveyard, Hershey Cemetery, Lancaster Cemetery, Nissly Family Graveyard, Shank Graveyard, Shreiner’s Cemetery, Woodward Hill Cemetery, St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery.
Leacock: Cat Tail Run Cemetery, Christ Episcopal Churchyard, Eby Cemetery, Intercourse U.B. Cemetery, Pequea Old Order Mennonite Cemetery, Rutter Cemetery, Trainer or Weidman Cemetery.
Little Britain: Eastland Friends Meeting Cemetery.
Manheim: Bassler Cemetery, Belmont Quarry or Mayer Cemetery, Jacob S. Brubaker Cemetery, Buch’s Cemetery, Buch Avenue Cemetery, Edward S. Hess or Frantz Cemetery, Frick on Hoover Farm Cemetery, Hershey Family Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Old Harrisburg Pike-Kurtz Cemetery, Roy Erb Cemetery, Elmer B. Landis Farm Cemetery, Landis Valley Meetinghouse, Lehn Cemetery, Jacob B. Landis Cemetery, Earl Hurst’s Cemetery, Long Cemetery, McElhenny Family Burial Ground, Neffsville Brethren or Old Church of the Brethren Cemetery, Neffsville Lutheran Cemetery, Neffsville United Brethren Cemetery, Oregon Union Cemetery, Hershey-Landis Cemetery (Charles B. Landis or Roseville Cemetery), Schreiner Cemetery, Sherk-Kurtz Cemetery, Shirk Cemetery, Jacob S. Brubaker Cemetery, Stehman Cemetery, Stoner Cemetery.
Manor: Eshleman, Bare Manor, I.Z. Buckwalter, Binkley Graveyard or Binkley Manor or Kauffman Field Cemetery, Indiantown Village Farm Cemetery, Abram Charles Farm Cemetery, Frey Graveyard, Garrison, Habecker, Ranck Farm Cemetery, Herr Graveyard #1, Herr Graveyard #2, Herr Graveyard #3 of Hershey Graveyard #1, Habecker Mennonite Cemetery, Landis Mill Farm Cemetery, Hershey Cemetery #2, Charles Musser Cemetery, Highville, Hostetter-Miller Cemetery, Kauffman, Kready, Little Pittsburgh Cemetery, George Mann Graveyard, Miller, Masonville Mennonite Cemetery, Millersville Mennonite Cemetery, Millersville Cemetery, Reformed Mennonite Graveyard, Musser-Manor Graveyard, Point Cemetery, Salem Evangelical Association Cemetery, Sauder or Souder Cemetery (also Wright or Park Kauffman Cemetery), Sauder Cemetery #2, Schock Cemetery, Shopf Cemetery, Schopf Graveyard, Shank Reformed Mennonite Cemetery, Sheep Lane Cemetery, Siegrist Farm Cemetery, Siegrist-Groff Cemetery, Stehman Cemetery, Stehman’s U.B. Cemetery, Wertz, Whitmer Graveyard, Witmer or Witmer-Millersville Cemetery, Witmer-Cresswell Cemetery, Witmer-Letort Cemetery, Witmer Cemetery, Young Cemetery, Zion Reformed Graveyard.
Martic: Marticville Methodist Ceemtery, Mount Nebo Presbyterian Cemetery, Muddy Run Presbyterian Graveyard.
Mount Joy: Elizabethtown Mennonite Cemetery, Florin Cemetery, Green Tree Cemetery (Brethren), Gingrich Cemetery, Lehman Burial Ground, Martin or Paul Garber Farm Cemetery, Meyer Farm Cemetery, Mt. Joy Hillside Cemetery, Mount Joy Cemetery, Old Mount Joy, Milton Grove, Oberholtzer, Reider Cemetery, Reider Cemetery #2, Risser’s Mennonite Cemetery, Sherer-Eichelberger Burial Site, Shenk Cemetery, Snyder Farm Cemetery, Eshleman, Herr, Lehman Family Cemetery, Stern Cemetery.
Paradise: Carpenter Graveyard or All Saints Cemetery, Belmont Road Cemetery, Paradise Mennonite Cemetery, Shertz or Sherts Family Cemetery, Sauder Farm Cemetery.

This book is a must for Lancaster County researchers!
Surname index to all names.
2002, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 280 pages
ISBN 1558563733

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