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Cemetery Records of Cambria and Somerset Co., PA, Vol. IV

Cemetery Records of Cambria and Somerset Co., PA, Vol. IV Author: Brian J. Ensley
When doing genealogy, cemetery records are one of the most valuable tools one can use. In some cases a headstone is the only record that a person even existed. Many families who didn’t have obituaries published and who died when there was no formal death certificates issued, left a headstone inscription that was the only record of their dates.

Over time many headstones become worn, damaged or missing. Since many of the stones were already worn or damaged when this record was started, transcription was sometimes difficult. All attempts were made to be as complete and accurate as possible. Individual cemetery records are listed in alphabetical order.

Volume IV includes:

7 Cambria County Cemeteries:
Adams Township: Kring Cemetery, Reighard.
Conemaugh Township: Mount Carmel.
Lower Yoder Township: Brown, St. Clair.
Richland Township: Snavely.

26 Somerset County Cemeteries:
Black Township:
Bromm-Yinkey, Hauger.
Brothersvalley Township: Black, Cable-Schrock Cemetery, Croner, Good-Cover Cemetery Penrod, Weigley.
East Taylor Township: Wysel Hill Cemetery.
Jefferson Township: Bethany United Methodist.
Jenner Township: Beam German Reformed, Friedline, Jenner Crossroads (EUB), St. James Lutheran, Schmucker Cemetery, Witt Cemetery (Haines Schoolhouse).
Jennerstown: Jennerstown Lutheran, Jennerstown Presbyterian, Jennerstown United Church of Christ Cem (Reformed).
Lincoln Township: Edie Reformed, St. John’s Evangelical (Deer Temple), Sipesville Brethren.
Somerset Township: Ankeny, Lichty.
Stonycreek Township: Gindlesperger, Lambertsville, Stull Cemetery.

Volume IV has its own index and additional corrections to Volumes I, II, and III.
2003, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 180 pages
ISBN 1558564144

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